SCP Welcomes Viet Cong


Calgary’s Viet Cong has jumped on board with SCP and we’re stoked. The band’s self titled debut was released in January of this year via Jagjaguwar.

It’s one of the most exciting records we’ve heard in a long time and hope you think so too. Listen to “Silhouettes” and “Continental Shelf” below.

Doug Keith Joins the SCP Fold


Excited to say that Doug Keith has joined the SCP crew. When not touring and recording with Sharon Van Etten, Doug is recording some amazing records of his own including this years Pony. Check out “Pure Gold In The 70′s” and “Harvest Home” below.

Sinoia Caves Joins SCP


Sinoia Caves, the solo project of Black Mountain’s Jeremy Schmidt, has joined the SC Publishing fold.

Jeremy’s phenomenal score for the cult classic horror film Beyond The Black Rainbow was released earlier this year via Jagjaguwar and Death Waltz Records.

SCP Welcomes Ought


We’re super stoked to announce that Ought has joined the SCP roster. Their incredible debut record More Than Any Other Day was released earlier this year via Constellation Records and quickly became a favorite. The Montreal based band followed up with their Once More With Feeling EP in late October.


Greylag joins SC Publishing


Very excited to announce that Greylag has joined the SC Publishing roster. Their self titled debut album is set to be released on October 14th via Dead Oceans. Give a listen to “Another” from the album below.