Briana Marela Joins SCP


Seattle based vocalist and composer Briana Marela is the newest member of the SCP family.
Her debut album All Around Us will be released on Jagjaguwar later this year. Check out the stunning “Surrender” below.

Please Welcome You Won’t to SCP


You Won’t are the newest members of the SCP crew and we couldn’t be more stoked.
Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri’s most recent album Skeptic Goodbye is a favorite of ours. Check out “Who Knew” below.

SCP Welcomes Frankie Cosmos


We’re suuuuuuuuuuper pumped to announce that Frankie Cosmos has joined the SCP fold.
If you’re unfamiliar with the music of Frankie (aka Greta Kline) then start with her amazing Zentropy from last year via Double Double Whammy.

Supreme Cuts Join SCP


Excited to say that the Chicago based production duo of Austin Kjeultes and Mike Perry, aka Supreme Cuts, has joined SCP.
Check out the amazing “Envision” featuring Channy from Polica below.

SCP Welcomes Viet Cong


Calgary’s Viet Cong has jumped on board with SCP and we’re stoked. The band’s self titled debut was released in January of this year via Jagjaguwar.

It’s one of the most exciting records we’ve heard in a long time and hope you think so too. Listen to “Silhouettes” and “Continental Shelf” below.